FCC Proposes Fines for Companies Violating DTV Tuner Rules

The FCC has issued Notices of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture to Syntax-Brillian Corp. and Regent U.S.A. for the importation and interstate shipment of television receivers that do not comply with the FCC rules regarding DTV reception capability.

Regent U.S.A.'s apparent liability was set at $63,650 for violations of Section 15.117(i)(1)(i) of the FCC rules.

Syntax-Brillian Corp. received a Notice of Apparent Liability for $2,899,575 for violations of Section 15.117(i)(1)(i) and Section 15.117(i)(1)(ii) of the FCC rules.

The links have precise details on the number of receivers involved in the action.

I've also received information retailers are being cited for not putting alerts near analog only VCRs, TVs and other devices with TV tuners. These include large retailers Best Buy, Circuit City K-Mart and Radio Shack. I'll have more on this next week.