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FCC Offers KidVid Compliance Guide to Small TV Stations

WASHINGTON—Following the FCC’s recent update to children’s television programming rules, the commission has released a Small Entity Compliance Guide aimed at smaller TV stations and other organizations to help them comply with the revised rules.

The new KidVid rules, which officially went into effect on Sept. 16., cover how and when TV stations can air educational/informational programming. These changes include extending the time frame when children’s programming can air from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. to 6 a.m.-10 p.m.; allowing for programming to be aired on multicast OTA channels and count toward required hours; and more.

While these new rules are now in effect, reporting requirements for them must still get approval from the Office of Management and Budget.

That is an example of an element that is covered in this Compliance Guide, which also address implementation dates, internet links and other recordkeeping requirements.

However, the FCC reminds those using the Compliance Guide that it is not a catch-all for all situations, and while it can be used as a form of protection against potential violations, “this Guide is not intended to replace or supersede these rules.”

The full Small Entity Compliance Guide is available here.