FCC Modifies Millimeter Band Rules

In response to the Wireless Communications Association International Petition for Reconsideration of the FCC's October 16 Report and Order adopting service rules for the millimeter band spectrum, the FCC released a Memorandum Opinion and Order (MO&O). The MO&O only concerns the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz bands. For these bands, the FCC now requires interference analysis prior to registering all links, eliminates the band segmentation and loading requirements, adopts an efficiency requirement of 0.125 bits per second/Hertz, adopts a power spectral density limit of 150 mW/100 MHz and allows the use of smaller, less expensive antennas with a minimum gain of 43 dBi and a 1.2 degree half-power beam width.

The MO&O also modified the interference protection criteria for systems in the 71 and 81 GHz bands. It establishes procedures for handling interference after operations commence, with the first-in-time licensee having priority.

For details about the revised rules, refer to the Memorandum Opinion and Order (MO&O). For information on the Report and Order, see RF Report for Feb. 17, 2004 and RF Report for Oct. 4, 2004.