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FCC lists Petitions for Reconsideration of Second DTV Periodic Review Report and Order

Several companies and organizations have filed Petitions for Reconsideration and Clarification of the FCC's Second DTV Periodic Review Report and Order. The FCC listed 11 petitions in its Public Notice (Report 2684).

The commission said opposition to the petitions must be filed within 15 days after the Public Notice in the Federal Register. An additional 10 days are allowed for filing of replies to an opposition.

The petitions were filed by:
* William F. Hammett, Dane E. Ericksen, and Robert D. Weller for Hammett & Edison, Inc. on 10/07/04 view petitionview erratum
* John R. Feore, Jr., Attorney for Paxson Communications Corporation on 11/02/04 view petition
* Julie M. Kearney for the Consumer Electronics Association on 11/03/04 view petition - view attachment
* Howard M. Liberman, Attorney for Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. on 11/03/04 view petition
* Donald G. Everist for Cohen, Dippell and Everist, P.C. on 11/03/04 view petition
* Kathryn R. Schmeltzer for Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. on 11/03/04 view petition
* John R. Feore, Jr. Attorney for Paxson Buffalo License, Inc., Paxson Akron License, Inc., Paxson Communications License Company, LLC, Paxson Des Moines License, Inc., Paxson Spokane License, Inc., Paxson Greenville License, Inc., Paxson San Antonio License, Inc., Paxson Syracuse License, Inc. on 11/03/04 view petition
* Dennis P. Corbett, Attorney for Ramar Communications II, LTD. on 11/03/04 view petition
* Kevin F. Reed, Attorney for Cox Broadcasting, Inc., and John S. Logan, Attorney for The Liberty Corporation on 11/03/04 view petition
* Vincent A. Pepper, Attorney for Television Communications Capital of Portland on 11/03/04 view petition
* Andrew S. Kersting, Attorney for ACME Communications, Inc. on 11/03/04 view petition

While a number of these petitions are limited to the impact of the Second Review on specific stations, groups of stations, or applications, others address general concerns with the FCC's plan for a final DTV table of allotments. I reported on Hammett and Edison's petition in my November 10 TV Technology RF Technology column.

The Petition for Reconsideration filed by Cohen, Dippell and Everist (CDE) notes that its version of the Longley-Rice program "yields significant disagreement with 5 percent of the population values listed in the October 7, 2004 table." CDE asked for additional time to update and incorporate all database corrections filed in response to the FCC's October 1, 2004 deadline for database corrections. CDE also asked the FCC to "release any and all technical data and analysis relevant to DTV implementation on Channel 6 to the public regarding absence or presence of FM education interference to DTV operations." CDE said further clarification was needed "of the operation of a DTV transmitter and what system control and monitoring functions are required at the transmitter site and the remote control site."

Among other items, the Cox and Liberty petition asked the FCC to clarify the software parameter settings it used for interference determination.

All comments filed can be accessed through the Search for Filed Comments web page. Enter "03-15" in box number 1, "Proceeding"