FCC Grants EchoStar Satellite System Modifications

The FCC has allowed EchoStar to make minor changes to its direct broadcast satellite (DBS) constellation. EchoStar was allowed to operate its EchoStar 5 satellite on its assigned channels at the 119-degree West Longitude (WL) location and EchoStar 6 on its assigned channels at 110 degrees WL. Initially both EchoStar 5 and EchoStar 6 were authorized at 110 degrees WL, although EchoStar 6 was actually launched to 119 degrees WL pursuant to the grant of a modification of EchoStar's authorization. Subsequently, EchoStar was granted an STA to move EchoStar 6 from 119 degrees to 110 degrees. The history of the satellite moves and locations is complex. If you are interested in the details, including the transponder numbers involved, see the FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order.