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FCC Experimental Licenses Granted

The FCC released its list of experimental license grants between 1/1/05 to 2/1/05. Towerstream Corporation received seven licenses for operation in the 3650-3700 MHz band for the test and development of Part 15 devices. These licenses cover fixed and mobile operation in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Boston. As noted previously in RF Report, C-band satellite users had expressed concern that these operations could interfere with satellite reception. (See RF Report for

Of possible interest to Channel 13 TV stations and 450 MHz broadcast auxiliary users, the Alfred Mann Foundation for Scientific Research was granted a licensed to operate in the 216-224.9995 MHz and 400-470 MHz bands "for transmissions under a government contract." The license covers mobile operation in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

General Dynamics received an experimental license for equipment testing in Taunton, Mass. in the "2000 MHz and 38000 MHz bands" for a government contract.

Refer to the list of experimental license grants between 1/1/05 to 2/1/05 for information on additional experimental license grants.