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FCC Experimental License Grants

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology released its list of experimental license grants between Feb. 1, 2004 and March 1, 2004. Some of the grants will be of interest to UHF broadcasters. L3-Communications was granted license WC2XSW to operate on frequencies from 407 to 1512 MHz for antenna tuning and evaluation in Half Moon Bay, Calif. Washington D.C.'s Office of the Chief Technology Officer was allowed to operate in the "upper 700 MHz band" for testing public safety applications within the District of Columbia. Boeing Corp. was allowed to use 30 to 18,000 MHz for F-18 aircraft testing in Mesa, Ariz. Finally, have you ever been hassled for turning on a portable TV set on a plane? If so, you may be interested in license WD2XET, issued to Boeing for use of 470-512 MHz for testing video distribution within an airplane. Don't look for signals from the sky, however. The operation will be fixed in Everett, Wash. Refer to the list for a complete listing of experimental grants in Feb. 1 - March 1 time period.