EVS servers provide backbone for CBS HD Super Bowl coverage

EVS Broadcast Equipment XT servers were the backbone for the CBS high-definition production of Super Bowl XXXVIII. The SportNet SDTI networking architecture was used as several network branches were created to handle the pre-game coverage, and the game telecast, which included super motion replays, Eyevision clips, in-game editing, and the halftime and post-game coverage.

To optimize the workflow and bandwidth allocation, the XT servers set up as three discreet networks. The XT Spotbox servers for the graphics portion of the pre-game/post-game production were on a distinct network while their two HD LSM XT servers were tied to the game production network to allow footage to be used for packages at halftime and during post-game coverage. In addition, the Super motion cameras, which are currently only available in standard definition, were linked on a separate SD network.

For more information, please visit: www.evs.tv.

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