Europe Moves on Mobile TV

Delphi Corp. has signed a contract with DaimlerChrysler to supply an advanced mobile television reception system for its cars, to be introduced in the European market by 2004.

The hybrid system for DVB-T can receive both digital and analog signals, automatically switching from one to the other without any viewer adjustments.

The contract also calls for Delphi to supply its Delphi Fuba for the new hybrid system. Fuba is Delphi's patented antenna reception system that provides reception for vehicle multimedia systems -- including AM/FM, cellular, TV, satellite broadcasts, and digital services.

Delphi officials note that the variety of analog television shutoff timetables in European countries require the development of the hybrid system. Germany is scheduled to begin terminating its analog transmissions this month.

"This presents a challenge for vehicle manufacturers as mobile TV reception systems must be able to function throughout Europe, moving seamlessly from analog to digital and back without any intervention by the user," said Michael Heise, Delphi Delco Electronics Systems product line manager for antennas and TV systems.