ESPN to launch mobile phone programming service

In 2005, Sprint mobile phone users can stay up-to-date with all the latest sports news thanks to ESPN Mobile. The new partnership will give users access to streaming sports news, audio, video and graphics from ESPN.

ESPN is launching a new mobile phone service with Sprint. The new service is intended to lure mobile phone users with sports news sent over a new high-speed wireless network.

Sprint will make space available on its mobile high-speed network to ESPN, which will begin programming information to cell phones.

ESPN Mobile will begin service in 2005, giving users access to streaming sports audio, video, graphics and news.

Sprint, which will run the phone network while ESPN handles billing and sports content, said the link with Disney is another way to attract consumers to new high-end phones with Internet capabilities and to keep them once they switched.

Sprint already provides network space to Qwest Communications and youth-oriented Virgin Mobile USA. AT&T also plans to use Sprint’s network to provide mobile services to its business customers.

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