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Ericksen Discusses BAS Issues at Boston SBE Convention

If your station holds a broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) license for a TV or radio studio transmitter link (STL) or ENG system, you may be interested in a paper presented by Dane Ericksen, Senior Engineer and Hammett & Edison and Chairman of the SBE FCC Liaison Committee to the SBE Boston convention and national meeting the end of last month. Dane's paper, Playing Both Sides of the Street or, A Review of BAS Issues Affecting Both Radio & TV, is available on the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Web site .

In the paper, Dane outlines the changes in the coordination requirements for broadcast auxiliary licenses, discusses proposals for minimum antenna standards for 950 MHz aural BAS stations, examines the band-plan changes for the 2 and 2.5 GHz BAS bands, and warns of several threats to the BAS spectrum. Many of these issues have been covered before in RF Report, but Dane's presentation summarizes them in easy to understand bullet points.