Elastic Media Whets AI Appetite With EVE

JERUSALEM—Artificial intelligence has been a popular science fiction trope pretty much since the genre first took off, and a new piece of technology could help lay the ground work for AI’s place in the broadcast industry. Jerusalem-based startup Elastic Media recently launched EVE, a videobot that uses AI and deep learning to watch and edit clips of videos.

Currently, the technology is being used exclusively for the eSports market. Used with the game “Hearthstone,” EVE is able to watch hours of content and create individual clips of the most exciting and important aspects of gameplay. These clips can then be accessed and shared to social media sites.

Though not yet being actively used in the space, Elastic Media CEO Ronen Shoval says that the company has been testing EVE with elements of broadcast media. He believes that the technology can eventually apply to provide a similar service to news, reality and sports programs.

“All the heavy lifting in the upcoming years will be done by AI and machine learning technology,” said Shoval. “That’s the path of the industry.”