EchoStar improves scheduling for FSS service

EchoStar has made changes in the management of its occasional-use and full-time satellite service scheduling.

The company will use ScheduLINK software from ScheduALL to optimize and manage the transmission resources of EchoStar's Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) business.

Occasional-use satellite service allows customers to lease fractional transponders on a part-time basis, offering a cost-efficient platform for delivering breaking news stories, planned events or regularly scheduled recurring events. To manage this service, EchoStar is implementing ScheduLINK, an out-of-the box resource management solution for satellite transmission and fiber operations for TV broadcasters, cable networks, mobile uplink providers, news organizations and satellite service resellers.

ScheduLINK incorporates graphical path management for intuitive control of transmission path resources and multitiered conflict checking of resource availability, bandwidth and technical mismatches. It provides a system-wide, updated catalogue of key technical information for satellite configurations and allows users to align all the elements of a feed in an intuitive, logical method.

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