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Don’t Forget: Deadline to File EAS Form Three Is Nov. 14

WASHINGTON—While most of the U.S. population may experience election fatigue, broadcasters may be forgiven for feeling their own version of the phenomenon: national EAS test fatigue.

Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin’s recent newsletter begs forgiveness from readers for raising the topic again but reminds them, and us, that the deadline to submit EAS Form Three is nigh — Nov. 14, to be exact. The Federal Communications Commission requires it for all participating broadcast stations (translators excepted).

Also, the authors note that more detailed reporting information will now, apparently, be required — an unheralded, but important change. 

They point out that the FCC EAS Test Reporting System now presents has a menu of choices for both the test receipt and transmission — probably because the “free-form descriptions required a staffer to read and categorize issues.” Stations will also need to provide a list of EAS test sources and identify which supplied which station with the test message — and in what language it was received and transmitted, as well as the exact time of receipt and transmission. 

Read the blog post.

This story originally appeared on TVT's sister publication Radio World.