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DisplaySearch and Insight Media to host second annual HDTV Forum

Microdisplay market research company Insight Media and flat panel display market research firm DisplaySearch are teaming up to produce the HDTV Forum 2004 in Los Angeles August 24-26. The event will bring together representatives from TV and cable networks, government agencies, satellite and cable providers, retailers, distributors, TV brands, TV OEMs, panel/tube/engine manufacturers and IC manufacturers for information exchange to discuss key topics facing the emergence of HDTV.

The August show ensures that last November’s HDTV Forum was not a one-time event. The success of last year’s show led the two companies to expand this year’s conference to three days (up from two).

HDTV Forum 2004 will cater to all levels of people involved in the flat panel and microdisplay industries including component and equipment manufacturers, display producers, OEMs, distributors and retailers. Panels will also cover a wide array of technology and business issues. Some sessions will cover content creation and its uses in the world of business and communications. Examples include “HDTV in Retail: Lessons from the Channel,” “HDTV Content: When Will It Be Pervasive?” and “HDTV Delivery: Cable, Satellite or Terrestrial?” Others will look at the growth of the industry itself and supply-and-demand-related issues such as “TV Manufacturers' HDTV Market Outlook: Drivers, Product Positioning and Technology Positioning,” “LCD TVs: When/Will They Take Over?” and “Positioning and Profiting with CRT Technology.” The “Global HDTV Policy” panel is the first government and legal-related panel announced.

"If last year marked the 'tipping point' in the HDTV transition, now the industry must work to ensure this momentum continues through 2004 and 2005," observed Chris Chinnock, president of Insight Media. "The HDTV Forum is designed to identify and discuss all the key challenges and potential solutions, while also examining the greatest opportunities for players in HDTV market."

Early sponsors include LG.Philips LCD, Zoran, CustomRetailer, Dealerscope and HighDef Magazine.

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