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DirecTV, EchoStar Battle it Out on the DVR Front

EchoStar's DISH network and DirecTV are introducing large-scale DVRs in a renewed battle to provide enhanced digital services to its customers -- and increase its subscriber base.

DISH Network's DVR-510 is a combination satellite TV receiver and digital video recorder that features a seven-day on-screen program guide and a hard drive capable of storing up to 100 hours of tapeless recording and parental locks. The company is offering the DVR for "free" to new customers as part of its "Free DISH" promotion, which includes DISH Video-on-Demand service and installation and a 12-month commitment.

DirecTV is offering the SIR-S412OR DVR from Samsung. The TiVo-based DVR can also hold up to 100 hours of video programming and features optical Dolby Digital output and two USB expansion ports for future services.

At 120 GB, both DVRs offer 50 percent more storage capacity than most DVRs available on the market. Both DVRs will be available in September.