Dielectric Intros Antennas for New 700 MHz Band Services

In my RF Report for November 23, 2004, I asked if 700 MHz licensees such as Qualcomm (see related article) would look to broadcast engineers and suppliers to build out their facilities. While looking for news for this week's RF Report, I noticed that Dielectric Communications, a major supplier of broadcast TV antennas, has added a Web page devoted to 700 MHz antennas. There is little information on the antennas, but the web page says, "The product portfolio includes slotted coaxial antennas as well as panel designs for horizontal, vertical, elliptical and circular polarization. All of the antennas are compact, lightweight and offer easy mounting options. Customized azimuth patterns, elevation patterns, gain, beam tilt, and null fill are available with every antenna system solution."

As other companies announced products for the 700 MHz band, I'll report on them here. If you know of companies offering 700 MHz products for multimedia broadcasting such as Qualcomm is proposing, please send an e-mail with information and Web links if possible to dlung@transmitter.com .