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Dielectric builds new testing facility

Dielectric Communications has assembled a collection of new equipment to create a high-performance testing facility and expand its RF measurement capabilities. The new testing facility is located at Dielectric's headquarters in Raymond, ME.

The heart of Dielectric's new testing facility is a 60ft tapered electromagnetic anechoic chamber that is optimized to measure radiation patterns of 400MHz-5GHz.

Because both the source antenna and the antenna under testing operate with rotational flexibility, horizontal-, vertical-, elliptical- and circularly polarized antennas can all be completely and efficiently evaluated within the chamber. Each measurement is carried out in a controlled, reflection-free environment so external factors, such as weather, scatter and noise do not affect the test results.

The new testing facility also features a 250W power amplifier and a 950cu-ft, high-power PIM (passive intermodulation) chamber, which provides a completely enclosed, reflection-free environment in which full-sized antennas can be tested under high-power conditions to verify that they are free of any intermodulation.

See Dielectric in NAB booth C1918, or visit