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Dale, Dolby Bring The CALM

NEW YORK—While the FCC is now enforcing the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act after a grace period that ended in December, there’s still plenty of concern as how best to meet its requirements. With that in mind, Dale Pro Audio and Dolby Labs co-hosted a workshop last week at the Dolby New York City Offices on how to interpret and comply with the Act.

In the audience were facility owners, broadcast and post-production engineers, mixers, sound designers, and other professionals. Jim Starzynski of NBC Universal, one of the original authors of the ATSC’s recommended practices presented an overview on the issues and thoughts behind A/85 and his experience on the best ways to address loudness measurement and correction.

The workshop also featured talks from experts from manufacturers of products designed to help meet the loudness requirements of the CALM act. Representatives from Junger, RTW, Linear Acoustic, TC Electronic, Minnetonka as well as Dolby presented their solutions; following the presentations, the manufacturers’ representatives were available for individual questions.