CTA Hails Clinton Tech Agenda

ARLINGTON, VA.—The Consumer Technology Association likes what it hears from Hillary Clinton on the subject of technology, innovation and patent trolls.

Gary Shapiro, CTA’s president and CEO, commented on the announcement of a technology and innovation agenda by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

“Make no mistake: This is a leadership moment for the presidential candidates. An ambitious, market-driven and informed tech and innovation agenda must be at the heart of any viable economic strategy,” Shapiro wrote in an announcement.

“Given the critical importance of our sector, it’s encouraging that Secretary Clinton is taking the initiative as the first major presidential candidate in this election cycle to put technology and innovation issues front-and-center in the national policy debate,” Shapiro said. “I am especially pleased that Sec. Clinton, who started her career as a patent and IP lawyer, forcefully comes out against patent trolls and opposes SOPA-PIPA,” referring to the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. 

He said Clinton has recognized the importance of the “Internet of Things, cybersecurity, increasing available licensed and unlicensed spectrum for broadband and Wi-Fi, and balanced copyright policy” and of removing barriers that protect incumbents against innovators. 

He cautioned that some proposals, like free Wi-Fi to the public, “come with staggering costs that go unaccounted for in her tech agenda.” CTA also urged Clinton to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

CTA was among the tech organizations that published a “Technology Sector Presidential Platform” in May, setting out priorities that include developing the science and technology workforce, welcoming high-skilled immigrants, enhancing data privacy and facilitating access to spectrum. (Read it here.)

This story first appeared on TV Technology's sister publication Radio World.