COVID-19 PSAs See Major Play on TV, Radio

(Image credit: CDC)

WASHINGTON—Broadcasters are doing their part to get the word out on the coronavirus (COVID-19), as the National Association of Broadcasters has shared details on the PSA campaign it began on March 12.

Since the launch of the campaign, NAB says that almost 36,000 PSAs created to help educate Americans about preventing the spread of coronavirus have aired on broadcast TV and radio, representing an estimated donation of more than $10 million in airtime. Those numbers only represent the NAB’s campaign, the organization reports that broadcasters have produced and aired their own public service ads as well.

“America’s hometown broadcasters are always on the front lines when it comes to keeping the public informed during times of emergency,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “That’s why I am so proud of the unprecedented level of support for this PSA campaign from local TV and radio stations. As our nation faces these challenging times, broadcasters will be there to report the facts, keep the public informed and help in the education effort to keep people safe.”

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has also been complimentary of broadcasters’ efforts to inform the public through PSAs and uninterrupted service.

NAB’s PSA campaign is part of its Coronavirus Response Toolkit, which broadcasters can access online.