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Construction of New ERI Facility for Broadcast Products on Schedule

At NAB 2004, Electronics Research Inc. (ERI) confirmed construction of two new buildings at ERI's Chandler, Indiana facility is proceeding on schedule for commencement of production in mid-May. The new buildings are required for manufacturing the TV transmitting antenna and rigid transmission line products ERI purchased from Andrew Corporation last year. ERI is currently leasing facilities from Andrew for production of TRASAR antennas and MACXLine rigid coax.

Tom Silliman, President and CEO of ERI, commented, "We are very pleased with the speed with which we have been able to assimilate the Andrew Television Product Line into our company. We were able to hire key individuals in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales that allowed for a smooth transition of the business from Andrew to ERI. We are pleased with our orders growth and the opportunity to expand the customers ERI is able to serve." Broadcasters can also purchase microwave antennas, satellite dishes, pressurization equipment and other Andrew products through ERI.