Commission extends 2GHz BAS relocation deadline by one year

The FCC on Wednesday extended the deadline by which Sprint Nextel must complete the 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) relocation project until March 5, 2009.

The extension is the latest in a series of extensions the commission has granted since the project’s original September 2007 deadline came and went. Previous commission extensions were granted as a series of 30-day waivers to the original deadline. As of March 5, Sprint Nextel reported on its Web site that 69 percent of BAS licensees had completed agreements for the transition.

Sprint Nextel has undertaken the BAS relocation project as part of a large frequency swap. Originally, the company and BAS licensees had until Sept. 7, 2007, a 31.5-month period, to complete the effort. The 2GHz relocation plan requires BAS channel 1-7 operating from 1990MHz to 2110MHz to move to digital channels between 2025MHz and 2110MHz.

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