Commercial drivers for multiplatform content distribution in the broadcast industry

As part of the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey, we asked a global sample of more than 5600 broadcast professionals about the most important trends in the broadcast industry. Respondents were presented with a series of industry trends and asked to indicate which one is the “most important” commercially to their business over the next few years, which one is “second most important” commercially to their business over the next few years and which others are “also very important.” These results were then weighted to create the 2010 BBS Trends Index.

By a wide margin, the top three places in the 2010 BBS Global Trend Index were multiplatform content delivery, file-based/tapeless workflows and the transition to HDTV operations.

Previous articles have addressed the commercial drivers for the global move to HDTV operations and the commercial drivers for the global move to file-based operations. This article looks at the commercial drivers behind the top trend in the 2010 BBS Trend Index, multiplatform content delivery, and sheds light on why multiplatform content delivery is important to broadcast professionals worldwide.

Respondents who said multiplatform content delivery is the trend that’s most commercially important to their business were asked why, which vendors they feel are best positioned to provide solutions to their needs, and what obstacles they think might prevent them from achieving their goals.

As shown the chart, the top two reasons cited by most 2010 BBS respondents for the commercial importance of multiplatform content delivery is to provide potential new revenue streams and to ensure that branded content is available on all distribution platforms.

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