China Central TV orders Dayang CG systems

The broadcaster will launch China’s first regular HDTV terrestrial service Jan. 1
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The D3-CG-DH CG system provides an HD output while also supporting the ongoing need for SD production.

China Central Television (CCTV) has ordered five Dayang D3-CG-HD graphics and title production systems for installation at its new HD production studio in Beijing.

CCTV is set to begin China’s first regular HDTV broadcast service Jan.1.

CCTV selected the D3-CG-DH because it provides an HD output while at the same time supporting the ongoing need for SD production. The D3-CG-HD offers high quality anti-aliasing and the tools required to create 16:9 HD graphics, titles and animation, including real-time letter-by-letter motion-path manipulation, 3-D titling and object-based timeline control for infinite-layer editing.

Operating on an open PC platform, the D3-CG-HD delivers 1080i-native multilayer graphics at 50/50.95/60 fields or 1080p at 23.967/24/25/29.97/30 frames.

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