CGI pipeline efficiency drives success, says Romey

Whether it’s episodic TV requiring set extensions, the producer of a new sci-fi looking for some on-screen futuristic technology to help tell a story or the latest computer game needing some super-realistic game play, computer-generated imagery has a rich history of filling the void.

However, the challenge for CGI has been that at the same time higher resolution formats like HD and 4K have come online, the complexity of shots and the demands of producers have grown. Complicating matters further has been a drive by studios to reduce what they will pay for the work.

Responding to this challenge requires special attention be given to workflow by CGI houses. Not only must production of complicated CGI scenes be orchestrated to ensure everyone who belongs to an animation staff has the right piece of work done at the right time, but also the array of software tools needed to create shots must be integrated and available.

In this video interview from the 2013 NAB Show, Mike Romey, head of pipeline for Zoic Studios discusses these challenges and how he and Zoic Studios are responding.