CEA reports September sales record for DTV

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reports that August and September factory-to-dealer unit sales of digital television (DTV) products —including integrated sets and displays—increased to record levels.

DTV product sales, reported the CEA, totaled 236,484 units and $378,724,797 in August, an increase of 72 percent in units and 55 percent in dollars compared to the same period in 2001. September unit sales totaled 260,979 on dollar sales of $439,566,824—an increase over 2001 of 77 percent and 64 percent respectively. That, said the trade group, is the highest unit and dollar sales total for a single month in DTV product history (which began in the fourth quarter, 1998).

In additional figures, DTV integrated set sales for January through August of this year totaled 106,030 units and $240,377,578. The CEA said these numbers demonstrate a direct correlation between an increase in available digital programming and consumers' desire for an integrated DTV solution.

DTV unit sales for the year now total 1,585,541 on dollar sales of more than $2.7 million, says the CEA. The year-to-date total is 83 percent higher than the same period in 2001 and 69 percent higher in dollar sales.

DTV products are defined by the CEA as integrated sets and monitors displaying active vertical scanning lines of at least 480p and—in the case of integrated sets—receiving and decoding ATSC terrestrial digital transmissions. The trade organization projects that 2.1 million DTV products--including integrated sets and displays--will be sold in 2002, 4 million in 2003, 5.4 million in 2004, 8 million in 2005 and 10.5 million in 2006.

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