Camden County to Hire Lobbyist to Secure Spectrum for Public Safety Communications

The Camden Courier-Post Online carried an interesting article about Camden's County's efforts to secure a portion of the 700 MHz spectrum allocated for Public Safety use. The article, Camco to vote to hire a lobbyist reported that freeholders would vote on a proposal to pay V Comm Telecommunications Engineering $158,400 to represent the county in negotiations with the FCC. The county is looking for spectrum in the 700 MHz or 800 MHz bands.

If approved, the lobbyist would focus on finding spectrum for Camden County. The article did not mention any effort to get TV stations off the upper 700 MHz spectrum before the end of the DTV transition, but did note a Boston DTV station is using the same 500 MHz frequencies used by Camden County and that during certain weather conditions the station blocks out communications.

For the full story, see Camco to vote to hire a lobbyist and look for updates on Courier-Post Online.