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Broadcasting & Telecom Remain Healthy, Economic Census Says

This census is taken every five years. Right now, the results are quite broadly categorized, i.e., Broadcasting & Telecommunications includes radio, TV, cable, syndication, DBS and telecom. Eventually, results for each of those subcategories will be published, and then very specific information within all of those categories will be published -- things like "video and audio editing in tele- and post production."

Broadcasting & Telecom, despite rumors to the contrary, has survived the last five years quite handily.

The number of establishments in this sector rose 32%, from 43,480 to 57,277.
Revenues rose 44%, from a startling $346 billion to a startling $500 billion.

Sector payroll increased 32% overall, from $63.5 billion (18% of revenues) to $83.7 billion (17% of revenues.) Meanwhile, the number of paid employees in the sector increased by 21%, from 1.4 million to 1.7 million.