Broadcasters report factors influencing purchasing decisions

This is the third in a series of posts about how broadcast technology products are purchased.

Previously, I have looked the purchasing channels typically used by different types of broadcast technology buyers, as well as whether these buyers prefer a best-of-breed or one-stop-shop approach when sourcing broadcast technology products. The information in these posts reveals that there is considerable variation in the way different types of buyers purchase broadcast technology products.

Regardless of how broadcast technology products are purchased, what many in the industry want to know is why they are bought, i.e., what the most important factors are that influence the decision to buy one product over another.

When it comes to selling broadcast technology, there are several strategies that vendors have adopted. This includes positioning their offerings as having the best technology, the best feature set, the lowest cost, the best value, the best service, the most recommended, etc. But which factor is the most important to the most buyers?

To find out, we asked several thousand broadcast professionals around the world what is most important to them when buying broadcast technology products.

To see the results, including a chart that ranks 10 different factors that influence the purchase of broadcast technology products, click here.