Broadcasters File en Masse Spectrum Comments

Group urges commission to assess demand for wireless broadband

WASHINGTON: Two dozen broadcast group owners representing 226 TV stations filed joint comments with the FCC in response to the possible reallocation of broadcast TV.

“For the commission meaningfully to compare broadcast and wireless broadband spectrum use, it must gather similar data about wireless consumer demand and its nexus with spectrum use,” the group said. “Moreover, there are little data in the record about what can be done to meet this purported wireless demand short of blindly shoveling more spectrum at it. Congress will be troubled and disserved if the commission submits a broadband report that fails to address such issues authoritatively.

The Federal Communications Commission asked for more detail on the use of spectrum for DTV signals in a public notice issued Dec. 2. The FCC’s Public Notice No. 26 was part of its overall docket focused on developing a nationwide broadband plan. Comments on the notice were due yesterday.

“Television broadcasting represents the highest and best use of the spectrum in the public interest,” the broadcasters said. “To remain competitive in the media marketplace, television broadcasters must have the ability to innovate and meet public demand. The channel-sharing and service area reductions contemplated in the public notice would take this ability away from broadcasters and likely result in widespread viewer reception difficulties.

“As it attempts to chart a path for spectrum use, the commission must preserve television broadcasting, which will remain the most efficient way to deliver popular programming. ...local television broadcasters urge the commission to avoid coercive measures and instead provide all FCC licensees with ample flexibility to respond to technological innovation and consumer demand, which will continue to change in ways none can predict.”

The broadcasters that signed onto the comments include:
Allbritton Communications Co.
Bahakel Communications Ltd.
Boise Telecasters LP
Cocola Broadcasting Cos.,= LLC
Communications Corp.of America
Evening Post Publishing Co.
GOCOM Media of Illinois
Granite Broadcasting Corp.
Gray Television Inc.
Lilly Broadcasting LLC
Local TV LLC
Malara Broadcast Group Inc.
McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Co.
Media General Inc.
Meredith Corp.
National Communications LLC
New Vision Television LLC
Parkin Broadcasting LLC
SJL Broadcast Management Corp.
Smith Media LLC
SP Television LLC
Tribune Co.
White Knight Broadcasting Inc.

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