Harmonic Rolls Out Multiservice Encoding Platform

Harmonic has launched a DiviCom Electra 5000 multiservice encoding platform.

Using multiple A/V compression standards, the Electra 5000 allows users to introduce new services--advanced picture-in-picture, personalized mosaic program guides, high-quality PC streaming and TV to the handheld--over more types of networks, expanding its footprint and customer base. From a 1 RU encoder, operators can deliver broadcast video services to a standard-definition television in a home to a mobile phone, enhancing scalability.

The Electra 5000 is compatible with the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company's other systems, including the DiviTrackIP distributed statistical multiplexer, ProCipher bulk encryptor and CLEARcut storage encoding technology. In addition, it is interoperable with existing MPEG-2 and advanced codec set-top boxes.