Breeder's Cup captured live with HD wireless technology

ESPN Sports used HD wireless technology to capture all of the pageantry of this year’s 24th Breeders’ Cup. A Link 1500 HD wireless camera transmitter from Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) was used for coverage of the event, held at Monmouth Park in New Jersey. The Link 1500 HD system is modular in design and transmits both SD and HD images.

ESPN's coverage included 28 HD cameras, including car-mounted versions that closely tracked the horses throughout the race. In addition, an overhead blimp provided aerial coverage while virtual displays marked the yardage to the finish line. Aerial Video Systems (AVS) of Burbank, CA, supplied the MRC equipment to ESPN for its live coverage.

Randy Hermes, president of AVS, said the Link 1500 HD system allowed them to switch quickly out of the RF section to give his crew the versatility of using multiple frequency bands in the 2GHz band, ensuring a reliable signal.

AVS also used the MRC Link 1500 HD/SD system for coverage of “Monday Night Football” on ESPN and Championship Off Road Racing on NBC.

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