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Chicago Sun-Times Questions Future of Beitler's TV Tower

In his Nov. 16 column, Chicago Sun-Times columnist David Roeder asks Is anyone tuning in to Beitler's TV tower plan?. Roeder reports that his sources say developer J. Paul Beitler has no deals with any TV stations for his planned 2,000 foot Chicago lakefront TV broadcast tower and that the "Beitler plan is probably just a phantom conjured by the stations to force better terms from Sears Tower and John Hancock Center. If it's anything like the TV interests' plotting of the late 1990's, the notion will be dropped as soon as Sears and Hancock come down in price."

For more information on the project, including comments from Joe Ahern, WBBM-TV GM, read Roeder's column Is anyone tuning in to Beitler's TV tower plan?