Blu-ray Titles Reach 14 Percent Share of Disc Sales

Blu-ray Disc sales for the week ending April 26 totaled just under $19.5 million in the United States, which was up about 44 percent from the same week last year, according to Home Media Research.

Meanwhile, Blu-ray penetration of all video-disc sales climbed to about 14 percent for the same week. (Standard DVD sales—$185 million—were down nearly 22 percent compared to the same week in 2008.)

For the week ending April 25, six of the Top 10 Blu-ray sales were for movie titles held fully or partially by 20th Century Fox, according to Rentrak:

  1. "The Wrestler" (20th Century Fox)
  2. "Notorious" (20th Century Fox)
  3. "Sin City" (Disney)
  4. "X-Men Trilogy" (20th Century Fox)
  5. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (20th Century Fox)
  6. "The Spirit" (Lionsgate)
  7. "Quantum of Solace" (MGM/20th Century Fox)
  8. "Frost/Nixon" (Universal)
  9. "Bedtime Stories" (Disney)
  10. "Marley & Me" (20th Century Fox)