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Blu-ray Title Sales Grow to 14 Percent

Blu-ray's fluctuating share of the video-disc pie continued to grow slightly in the past couple of weeks, climbing from a drop to 8 percent in February to 14 percent for the week ending March 7.

No doubt aiding in the increase were several new titles that appealed to Blu-ray users — a demo which typically skews young because all PlayStation 3 consoles come with internal Blu-ray drives. Those titles include the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy and "2012."

Both Blu-ray and standard DVD sales were up, compared to the same week a year ago (which is unusual for DVD trending). Blu-ray titles sales totaled more than $30.5 million for the first week in March, a jump of more than 188 percent over a year ago. Standard DVD sales of $194 million were nearly 16 percent over 12 months ago, according to Home Media Research.

Overall sales of Blu-ray and DVD ($224.7 million) grew 26 percent from March 2009.