Blu-ray tide is rising fast

Blu-ray is continuing to rout its HD-DVD opponent, a new Nielsen study finds.

In the week ending January 27, Blu-tay accounted for 82 percent of high-definition optical disc sales, leaving HD-DVD with only 18 percent. Similarly, all of the 10 best-selling HD movies were Blu-ray format, led by “Saw IV,” and followed by “The Game Plan” and “3:10 to Yuma.”

Blu-ray’s ascension is widely attributed to the addition of Warner to the format, ending an earlier policy of producing HD-DVD movies as well. Warner titles will no longer be available on the latter media as of May this year.

The increased popularity of Blu-ray is said to be so fast that promotional giveaways, once a component in the fight for control, may no longer be necessary.

In another development, Onkyo has dropped its support of the HD-DVD format in the UK, a company spokesman told “Home Cinema Choice” magazine.

Toshiba, which developed the format, has been the only company to consistently provide HD-DVD hardware to the market.