Best Buy 'Owns' Biggest Slice of Blu-ray Market

Although runner-up Walmart is breathing down its neck waiting for Blu-ray to truly go mainstream, brick-and-mortar retailer Best Buy still rules the roost when it comes to market share of Blu-ray Disc sales. holds down the No. 3 spot.

In fact, both Best Buy and Amazon command a larger share of Blu-ray packaged content sales than they do for standard DVD, where Walmart continues to enjoy a share of about 40 percent.

That's a good thing for both shops since standard DVD sales had peaked a few years ago and have been decreasing each quarter, while Blu-ray has shown slow-but-steady growth especially in the past year—currently enjoying an estimated 14 percent slice of the overall video-disc sales pie, according to industry analyst SNL Kagan.

Best Buy, the top CE-only retailer in the U.S., by far owns the largest piece of the Blu-ray market with an estimated 45 percent of sales. Walmart is in second place (a rare spot for the world's largest overall retailer) with an estimated 25 percent market share. holds about 15-20 percent with its online sales (depending on seasonal shifts) and Target's share is around 10 percent.