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BBC restricts Devices for Terrestrial HD

With the official blessing of Britain's media regulatory body, Ofcom, the BBC will be allowed to restrict the types of devices that can receive its HD Freeview broadcasts. HD Freeview is the BBC's terrestrial digital service.

Ofcom has been examining methods of most effectively curbing piracy, and its official approval this week comes at the behest of the BBC itself. The broadcaster wants to be certain that only devices with digital content management technology (primarily to prevent duplication of content) will be technically capable of accessing its programs.

In an official statement, Ofcom noted: "In response to a public consultation on this issue, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 provided evidence that without a content management framework in place the range of HD content available on Freeview — in particular high value film and drama content — would be compromised. This technology would control the way HD films and TV shows are copied on to, for example, Blu-ray DVDs, and shared with others over the Internet."

SD content is not affected by Ofcom's initiative, and British viewers will be able to use HD DVRs with their home sets.