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“Avatar” Breaks Box Office

MULTIPLE CITIES: James Cameron’s “Avatar” netted more than $236.5 million at the box office over the weekend, the biggest global take for a non-sequel movie, according to Variety. The film generated more than $77 million domestically, bumping “I Am Legend” for the all-time December weekend domestic record. The Will Smith vehicle did $77.2 million its first December weekend two years ago. Rich Greenfield of Pali Capital predicted “Avatar” would outdo “I Am Legend” with around $100 million domestically.

The 3D, mocap spectacle’s worldwide take was a record setter, and the sixth largest international launch, taking in $159.2 million overseas, Variety said. The entertainment news outlet of record cited a major blizzard on the Eastern Seaboard for possibly dampening the domestic outcome. The picture made $27 million on its first day. Early estimates placed weekend box office at around $73 million. Final weekend numbers were still be tallied this morning.

“Avatar” opened over the weekend in 3,452 theaters, with 2023 showing the film in 3D. Total take in Imax theaters around the world was a record $13.6 million.

See “’Avatar’s’ final tally bigger than expected” at Variety.

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