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Audio-Technica offers trade-in program for 700MHz wireless products

In anticipation of regulatory decisions by the FCC, Audio-Technica has joined the list of manufacturers offering a significant trade-in program for wireless products in the 700MHz band. Though a final ruling on using 700MHz products has not been issued, it is a foregone conclusion that the FCC will soon order all wireless microphone systems to vacate the RF spectrum of 698MHz-806MHz.

The A-T trade-in program provides a 15 percent rebate on new wireless systems. Users simply ship their qualifying receivers to the company to receive a rebate voucher for the purchase of new systems from an A-T dealer. The discontinued 7000 Series, U100 and 1400 Series wireless microphone systems operating in the 700MHz range qualify for the full 15 percent rebate; all other brands qualify for a 5 percent rebate, with no limit on the condition or age of products. The receivers must be turned in by Sept. 30, 2009, for rebates on a one-time purchase before the end of the year.

In the past decade, all new Audio-Technica wireless systems were designed to operate outside the 700MHz “danger zone,” which was auctioned off by the FCC about a year ago. The Audio-Technica 200, 700, 1800, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 Series systems all operate below the 700MHz frequency range. The company also offers the SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband system, which operates in the 6GHz range.