Arizona Public Broadcaster Automates with MicroFirst

Arizona State University's PBS station, KAET-TV has selected MicroFirst's Digital Automation System for its broadcast facility.

KAET has been using a smaller version of MicroFirst's DAS to control its servers and VTRs for several years, but is upgrading to a new comprehensive system to control servers, switchers, routers VTRs, IRDs, etc. The system is designed to provide a streamlined workflow for the ingest, transmission and metadata management of multichannel content.

"With the multichannel capability of DTV added to our existing analog transmission, we knew it was time to move beyond manual operation," said Gil Akroyd, engineering manager for KAET.

Microfirst's DAS handles all real time automation processing, machine control and database management on a specially designed embedded hardware platform, running a real-time OS.