APTS Study Finds Most Americans Unaware of Analog Shutdown

Out of every 10 TV viewers surveyed, six had "no idea" that the DTV transition was taking place, and one said they had "limited awareness." Seventeen percent were "somewhat aware" of the transition but only 7.8 percent said they were "very much aware." This indicates broadcasters need to devote more effort to educating consumers about the transition.

The survey, conducted by the Association of Public Television Stations, found that about 45 percent of the respondents said they will either "do nothing" or "don't know" what option they will take to obtain digital TV signals. APTS President and CEO John Lawson said, "There are more than 21 million U.S. households that get their TV exclusively free and over the air, and we know these homes are heavy viewers of Public Television. That puts us, working with our partners, in a strong position to provide information about the digital transition to the people who need it most."

APTS is promoting a wide range of DTV consumer outreach efforts, and is working with diverse groups including the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the Consumer Electronics Association, American Library Association, and Women Involved in Farm Economics. It is also part of the National Association of Broadcasters' DTV Transition Coalition.