Another Station Requests Early Analog Shutdown

WWAZ Licensee LLC, licensee of analog TV station WWAZ-TV, NTSC Channel 68 and WWAZ-DT, DTV Channel 44, in Fond du Lac, Wisc., requested authority to cease analog broadcasting on NTSC Channel 68 and surrender its NTSC license prior to the end of the transition. The request was filed in October and outlines how the request meets the FCC's requirements for stations operating on Channels 60–69 that want to cease analog broadcasting before the end of the DTV transition.

WWAZ shows that while the early termination of analog service by the station will have an "imperceptible impact on the consumer, it will have a vital impact on the financial condition of the Licensee." The request said the station has posted cumulative net operating losses close to $9 million since it started operating in March 1995 through July 2007. By shutting down analog service, the request said the Licensee "would be able to use its limited resources for other purposes, including development of its digital station."