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Americans turn to Web for election results; cable TV news sites come out winners

Voters in Tuesday’s election went to the Web in droves to follow election news and results and to keep tabs on the Electoral College totals, according to statistics from Nielsen Online released Nov. 5.

Web traffic to the current events and global news category grew 27 percent on Nov. 4 compared to the previous Tuesday. Page views for the category grew 103 percent from the preceding Tuesday and time per person for the category increased 61 percent, according to Nielsen Online.

Cable TV news network-related sites did well in the battle for Web traffic, occupying three of the top four slots as measured by Nielsen Online. CNN Digital Network came out on top in the current events and global news destination category with nearly 13 million visitors, up 51 percent from the preceding Tuesday. MSNBC Digital Network saw the largest Web traffic percentage increase, 103 percent, among cable TV news-related networks when compared to the Tuesday before the election.

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Top Online Current Events and Global News Destinations on Election Day Name Oct. 28 UA (000) Nov. 4 UA (000) % change 1. CNN Digital Network 8496 12,847 51% 2. MSNBC Digital Network 5959 12,114 103% 3. Yahoo! News 7649 11,440 50% 4. Fox News Digital Network 3937 5745 46% 5. AOL News 4050 4411 9% 6. 2480 3501 41% 7. Google News 2053 3255 59% 8. Tribune Newspapers 2717 2911 7% 9. 1086 2309 113% 10. 1326 2009 52% Source: Nielsen Online Custom Analysis