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AMD Releases Combo ATSC, DVB-T HDTV Chip

This past Tuesday (June 2), AMD launched its ATI Theater HD 750 PC TV chip. The device includes demodulators for NTSC, PAL/SECAM, ATSC, ClearQAM and DVB-T. The chip also includes video decoding and processing circuitry that provides digital video format conversion and PVR functions.

The company did not say whether the conversions were handled in hardware on the chip or in software. The ability to support the most popular worldwide analog and digital TV standards makes is possible for manufacturers to build multi-standard TV sets and tuners.

“ATI Theater HD 750 combines AMD’s longstanding reputation for video expertise with consumer demand for a cost effective, easy to use and high quality TV on the PC experience,” said Matt Skynner, vice president and general manager of the GPU Division of the AMD Products Group. “ATI Theater HD 750, in combination with ATI Radeon graphics and AMD mobile technology-based notebooks, provides a simplified, high-quality home-theater solution.”

AMD said the ATI Theater HD 750 is scheduled to be available from supporting manufacturers later this year in a variety of products, including PCI Express add-in cards, USB “sticks” and others.