Almost half of U.S. consumers are unaware if their wireless provider offers mobile TV

QuickPlay Media this month revealed the results of a national survey it conducted, finding that nearly half of U.S. consumers do not know if their wireless carrier offers mobile TV and video services.

The online survey of United States-based mobile phone customers between the ages of 18 and 34 showed that 47 percent of consumers do not know whether their carrier offers such a service. As for those currently using mobile TV and video, 71 percent have a preference for mobile content “snacking” versus setting aside dedicated viewing times. Other findings include:

  • Forty-one percent view content between daily activities, 16 percent while waiting in line and another 14 percent while in transit (i.e. on the bus or other modes of transportation).
  • Thirty-one percent of people who have viewed mobile TV or video indicated that they have spent “less than five minutes” doing so, and 58 percent watch mobile TV and video at least one to three times per month.
  • Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed would consider the ability to pause and resume content a deciding factor in whether they would watch longer forms of content, such as a full-length movie, on a mobile device.

The study also shows that while “all-you-can-eat” packages are becoming more widespread, they are not the preference for all consumers, many of whom voiced a strong interest in the ad-supported model. For example, 43 percent of respondents stated that perceived cost was the number one reason they have not tried mobile TV and video, and 54 percent said they would be willing to watch a short, targeted advertisement on their mobile device to have free access to mobile TV and video content.

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