ACA, NCTA Ask FCC for C-Band Comment Extension

(Image credit: ACA Connects)

WASHINGTON—ACA Connects and NCTA—The Internet & Television Association are seeking an extension of the comment deadline currently set by the FCC regarding lump sum payments for current C-band operators that will have to transition to make room for 5G development.

The two organizations filed a joint statement to the commission, asking that the comment deadlines be pushed back six days from June 16 to June 22. This, they say, would provide sufficient time to review the satellite operator transition plans that are due June 12, which will inform the parties’ comments on the proposed lump sum payment amounts.

“It will be challenging to evaluate whether a proposed lump sum amount is truly representative of the average cost to transition an earth station antenna before seeing the satellite operators’ transition plan, as that cost average could be significantly higher or lower depending on the satellite operator’s specific grooming plans,” the statement reads.

The two organizations also asked that the FCC make the transition plans available on the FCC website immediately after they are filed and that the commission, within a reasonable time period prior to the comment deadline, disclose the methodology by which it arrived at the proposed lump sum amounts and the assumptions that it used.

ACA and NCTA conclude that giving cable operators adequate time to review draft transition plans will help in the process of making the C-band transition as smooth as possible.

The full comments (opens in new tab) are available through FCC’s ECFS.