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8K Market to Top $68B by 2026, Says Report

DUBLIN—In 2017, the global market for 8K technology was $2.05 billion. A decade later, forecasts that to jump to $68.13 billion thanks to a compound annual growth rate of 47.6%. This prediction comes from’s “8K Technology—Global Market Outlook (2017-2026)” report.

While currently there is limited availability for 8K content that is restraining market growth, there are key factors that will help it rise to the projected numbers. Among the influencing reasons are monetary support by governments, progress in display technology and rising demand for larger-sized televisions with advanced resolution.

Based on the latter example, the television segment of the 8K market is expected to see significant growth. However, 8K is expected to be utilized in a number of different fields, including healthcare & medical, other entertainment and commercial industries.

As for market regions, APAC is expected to hold a considerable market share during the projected period, as it is the home to many major 8K product manufacturers that are boosting their construction and distribution of 8K technology.

To find out more information, access the full report here.