50.5 million households own HDTVs, Centris says

A new report from research firm Centris reveals impressive growth in the uptake of HDTVs, HD service and Blu-ray technology.

The “U.S. Communications and Entertainment Insights Report” finds that the number of households in the United States with HDTVs has increased to 50.5 million, up from 37.4 million in the first quarter of 2008. Consistent with other reports, the number of households with HD service lags well behind. According to the report, 34.7 million households now have HD service, up from 26 million in the first quarter of last year. Both the number of households with HDTVs and those with HD service have increased by about a third from the first quarter of ’08.

The subscription-based quarterly report dedicated to tracking consumer activity as it relates to communications, entertainment and technology also finds ownership of Blu-ray disc technology growing 71 percent from the first quarter of 2008 to 12.3 million households.

Other findings include:

  • Growth in home gaming with Nintendo Wii households climbing 85 percent to 15.2 million from the first quarter of last year; Sony Playstation 3 households up 52 percent to 7 million; and X-Box 360 households growing 28 percent to 11.4 million.
  • Slight growth in satellite households, reaching 32 million, up from 30.9 million a year prior.
  • A maturing cable TV market with 63 million cable TV households, 37.2 million of which are digital cable households.